The Science Behind Forskolin

Does It Really Work?

What's The Science Behind Forskolin?

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Forskolin has become popular thanks to its many health benefits and substantial clinical data to back it. It is now one of the biggest health supplements in the country, especially when it comes to weight loss and burning fat.*

Forskolin has been shown to positively affect cAMP, which helps your body burn fat and lose weight by boosting the levels of certain hormones and enzymes that regulate metabolism, so that the body burns excess calories.* Often, even though we may eat a healthy diet and exercise, our body sometimes needs an extra boost to help shed those stubborn pounds, especially in areas like your stomach, bottom, and thighs. So, when a product comes along that will help you achieve your goals, then it makes sense to enjoy the benefits it provides. Why not?

Observed Benefits Of Forskolin

  • Increases cAMP levels*
  • Stimulates production of adenylate cyclase*
  • Suppresses appetite*
  • Increases metabolism*
  • Maximizes weight loss effects*
  • Increases lean muscle*
  • Provides a range of other health benefits*

However, not all Forskolin products can produce these impressive results and help you reach your personal health goals. Make sure to choose a premium-quality product with 100% natural, scientifically-proven ingredients that is manufactured according to the highest modern standards.

Forskolin Supplements For Your Body

Forskolin For Weight Loss:*

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An often reviewed study on the effects of Forskolin on weight loss and fat burning was published in the journal of Obesity Research. The clinical study was a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled human study.

The study included 30 participants who had a BMI of = 26 kg/m2. These individuals led non-active sedentary lifestyles, did not take any antihypertensive or antiasthmatic medications, were non-asthmatic, had low blood pressure and no gastric ulcers. The clinical trial divided the 30 participants into 2 groups, a Forskolin group and a placebo group.

Participants took 250mg of Forskolin twice a day (or 500mg daily) for a 12-week period. For a full review of that clinical study, please Click Here.

At the conclusion of the study, tests determined that Forskolin could be considered as a possible therapeutic agent for the management and treatment of obesity.*

Forskolin For Respiratory Difficulties:*

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A popular study comparing the effects of Forskolin on breathing difficulties compared with sodium cromoglycate was published in The Journal of International Medical Research. The study was a randomized single-blind study conducted on 40 patients, both male and female.

The patients were divided randomly into two groups. One group received one 10mg capsule of Forskolin a day and the second group received two inhalations of sodium cromoglycate, three times a day, eight hours apart. The study was conducted over a period of six months. For a full review of that clinical study, please Click Here.

Results of the clinical study showed that the number of patients who had episodes of breathing difficulties was lower in the Forskolin group.*

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